Flight Options Investigates Ground Incident at Aspen

 - July 12, 2011, 11:10 AM

Flight Options has launched an internal review of a July 1 incident involving one of its Citation Xs that damaged about 30 parked cars at Aspen Pitkin County Airport during a brief full-power ground run-up to address an “anomaly” encountered by the crew just before takeoff. The jet blast blew debris into the parking lot, which was hidden from the crew’s view by a hillside, and caused the damage. No injuries were reported. After experiencing the unspecified anomaly, the crew notified ATC and exited the runway, according to a Flight Options spokeswoman. After requesting clearance to taxi to an area where they could discuss the problem with Flight Options’ operations control center, the pilots were directed to the southeast corner of the airfield. “At that time, as a precautionary measure, the crew momentarily ran the engines up to full power to confirm the anomaly,” the fractional company said. “The engine run lasted approximately two to three seconds.” Flight Options sent a company representative to Aspen to work with owners of the damaged vehicles, and the fractional firm’s insurance provider, to facilitate any necessary repairs. Flight Options emphasized that “safety is its number-one priority.”