LightSquared Launches DC PR Assault

 - July 19, 2011, 10:30 AM

LightSquared is running an advertising campaign in Washington, D.C., that includes prominent multiple advertisements along the platforms of downtown stations of the city’s Metro system serving Capitol Hill, FAA headquarters and other key government offices. Photo at left was taken this morning by an AIN staffer at L'Enfant Plaza Metro station. Messages extol the benefits of nationwide high-speed Internet connectivity, but do not mention that LightSquared’s transmitters interfere with GPS signals. After lengthy evaluations in manufacturers’ and government laboratories, and later under field operational conditions in Nevada this spring, test results showed that LightSquared’s proposed nationwide 4G broadband network would produce unacceptable interference to all types of GPS receiver. LightSquared, which subsequently announced that it would move to a same-band frequency farther from GPS, is concerned that its competitors, using less disruptive techniques, could catch up. However, FCC approval for its use of the lower L-band frequency requires similarly lengthy testing. The Defense and Transportation departments have said they prefer that LightSquared move to another frequency band entirely.