NBAA Lauds Industry for Debt-Ceiling Efforts

 - August 4, 2011, 11:00 AM

While negotiations over the nation’s debt ceiling waxed and waned, aviation associations were busily warning members that aviation user fees were re-emerging as possible revenue sources. In the end, the debt ceiling was successfully raised without any new taxes on aviation. NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen credited member mobilization for keeping the bill free of proposals targeting the industry. But he cautioned that sustained vigilance would be needed as debt ceiling developments continue to unfold. “As everyone knows, the recent negotiations over the debt ceiling have included rhetoric and policy proposals that have alarmed the business aviation community,” he said. “Remarks denigrating companies that rely on business aviation have been used to revive proposals for onerous user fees and impromptu changes to aircraft tax policy.” Bolen noted that, as with previous policy battles confronting business aviation, it has been critical in recent weeks for people in the industry to tell their elected officials that the nation’s deficit is a concern to everyone, but the debate over how to address it should not be dominated by finger-pointing and punitive policies aimed at an essential American industry.