JSfirm.com Creates Job Distribution Network

 - August 10, 2011, 11:10 AM

Whether you’re looking for a job or trying to hire someone, the key to success is getting the attention of the right people. JSfirm.com has partnered with other media within the aviation industry to provide a way of doing it. “We’ve created partnerships with industry-related websites and feed them our job advertisements,” Jeff Richards, the company’s business development manager, told AIN. “We have about 30 different media partners who will display our clients’ ads.” In a quid pro quo arrangement, JSfirm feeds a website with its help wanted ads. The website owner can choose the type of ad and set the number of ads it will run at a given time. In return, the increase in website hits helps drive Google and Yahoo search responses, bringing still more people to the website. The company charges $99 for a 30-day listing and says it has on average about 4,000 active résumé searches or ads. “This is also perfect for reaching the passive job seeker, someone who’s not actively pursuing a new job but happens to be at a website, sees our ad and it sparks an interest,” Richards said.