FAA Certifies Load 20 Mod for Hawker 4000

 - August 25, 2011, 11:20 AM

The final feature of Hawker Beechcraft’s upgrade and enhancement program for the Hawker 4000 received FAA certification Tuesday–the “Load 20” package for the super-midsize jet’s Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite. Load 20 is a significant modification–part of a major upgrade program that all Hawker 4000s are receiving at no charge to owners–and adds long-awaited functionality to the 4000’s cockpit. A major hardware change in Load 20 is a processor upgrade from a Pentium M to PII. The FMS and central maintenance computer are also upgraded. New avionics features include addition of takeoff/landing data, electronic checklist, wind-shear alerting, Cat II approach performance, autopilot/flight director coupled VOR approaches and RNP 0.3/0.1 capability. Load 20 also adds Honeywell’s Runway Awareness Advisory System, Waas/LPV approaches, graphical weather display and terminal charts on panel displays, as well as other improvements. Hawker Beechcraft plans to display–at the upcoming NBAA Convention in Las Vegas–a Hawker 4000 with all the latest avionics and other upgrades, which include improvements to the electrical system, landing-gear module, engine controls and fuel system (to the latest FAR 25.981 Amendment 102 fuel tank ignition prevention regulations).