China Airspace Getting Friendlier for GA, Says NBAA

 - August 30, 2011, 11:00 AM

More airspace will be opening for general aviation flights in China, according to NBAA. Initial airspace reforms in the flight control areas of Changchun and Guangzhou were completed late last year, and now the People’s Liberation Army Air Force is working to expand these flight control areas further, as well as the flight control sub-areas of Chengdu, Lanzhou, Jinan and Nanjing. “It is a big step forward for all GA interests,” said Jason Liao, NBAA’s chief representative in Asia. “It almost certainly means China will become the second-largest market in the world [after the U.S.] for GA aircraft such as helicopters and turboprops.” In January and February, the government also authorized low-altitude helicopter trial flights near the city of Haikou. Current Chinese airspace plans call for low-level airspace (up to 3,280 feet) to be classified as “reporting” (no detailed flight plan required), “surveillance” (detailed flight plan required but prior government permission not required) or “controlling” (detailed flight plan and prior government permission required), depending on airspace use. All airspace from 3,280 to 13,123 feet will be “surveillance” and above 13,123 feet will be “controlling.”