LoPresti NeverFlat Tires Coming for Business Jets

 - August 30, 2011, 11:10 AM

Last week LoPresti Aviation Engineering unveiled new NeverFlat Lifesaver aircraft tires, which use a carbon-fiber band embedded in the circumference to retain shape. The tires also have improved wear, traction and rolling resistance, the company said. While the first application is for the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 piston singles, the technology is scalable and NeverFlat tires could be available for some business aircraft within two years. In fact, LoPresti CEO RJ Siegel told AIN that discussions are ongoing with Cessna to develop such tires for Citations, as well as Eclipse Aerospace for the Eclipse 500. Other business aircraft manufacturers are also interested, he added. “It’s just about impossible to puncture this tire and even if you could it still wouldn’t go flat,” Siegel said. “It’s an unpressurized system with load and suspension characteristics matched to the aircraft’s needs.” While the tire is technically unpressurized, Siegel said it will have a tube with “mild pressure, so it doesn’t flop around,” to satisfy FAA certification requirements geared only for pressurized tires. The new NeverFlat tires for the SR20/SR22 are in their final design stages, and the company expects to begin shipping them in December.