GA Security Elevated as 9/11 Anniversary Nears

 - September 6, 2011, 11:30 AM

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued an intelligence bulletin warning on Friday that “violent extremists with knowledge of general aviation and access to small planes pose a significant potential threat to the homeland.” In a separate memo sent to general aviation pilots a day later, the TSA said, “While there is no specific or credible intelligence that al-Qa’ida or its affiliates are plotting attacks in the United States to coincide with the 10- year anniversary of 9/11, we remain at a heightened state of vigilance, and security measures are in place to detect and prevent plots…should they emerge.” The TSA memo also reminds pilots to review existing GA security guidelines, and lists extra measures that can be taken to add yet another layer of security. NBAA, which agrees with the need for heightened awareness, pointed out the GA community’s excellent record on security measures. “Government officials have not cited a specific general aviation concern,” emphasized NBAA vice president of safety, security and regulation Doug Carr. “The TSA’s document simply reminds industry to redouble the focus on many precautions we’re already taking.”