Raisbeck King Air Mods Receiving China Certification

 - September 7, 2011, 11:00 AM
Officials of China’s CAAC and Raisbeck Engineering met in Seattle to finalize certification of Raisbeck’s products and Performance System in China.

Raisbeck Engineering expects soon to receive certification by the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) for two of its Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350 products, dual aft body strakes and nacelle wing lockers. Once certification is granted, sales of the systems to Chinese customers are imminent, according to Bill Lally, Raisbeck’s FAA coordinator. CAAC officials met with Lally in early August in coordination with Hawker Beechcraft in Shanghai. On August 30, CAAC deputy director and airworthiness inspector Shen Guofeng and Wu Jian, deputy director general and general engineer, both from the certification division of the CAAC’s East China Administration in Shanghai, traveled to Raisbeck headquarters in Seattle to complete the certification requirements for the King Air 350 upgrades. “We have now completed requirements for Chinese certification of two of our many performance systems, and we expect certification notification soon,” said Lally. “Our other systems are being queued up to follow in due process.” More than 3,000 King Airs are equipped with Raisbeck upgrades. The King Air 350 dual aft body strakes help improve directional stability by channeling wing/body vortices and they raise the turboprop’s yaw damper limit to 19,000 feet from 5,000 feet. Both the strakes and the nacelle lockers are standard on new King Air 350s.