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Business Ramping Up At Greenpoint

 - October 9, 2011, 1:20 PM
Greenpoint is well along in outfitting its eighteenth BBJ and expects to see the nineteenth arrive this month. They expect to deliver both in 2012.

Greenpoint Technologies (Booth No. C9423), which recently delivered its 17th Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) five weeks ahead of schedule, is working in what it considers an increasingly healthy business environment. This month, the Kirkland, Wash.-based center is well along in outfitting its eighteenth BBJ and expects to see the nineteenth arrive this month. Greenpoint expects to deliver both in 2012.

Also in the pipeline is a 747-8 completion job that has the company hiring additional technical talent and adding infrastructure to accommodate an aircraft of that size. “Additionally, we have added several in-house facilities including VIP cabinetry, aerostructures and a CNC five-axis-equipped machine to provide dedicated production capability,” said Sloan Benson, executive v-p and president of Greenpoint’s Denton, Texas facilities.

Annika Wicklund, Greenpoint design manager, is leading the architecture and design creation, “materializing a clients vision.”

Meanwhile, the company continues expansion of its facilities in both Washington and Texas including additional manufacturing capability that will contribute to a stable workforce able to deliver projects on time.

Elsewhere, Greenpoint Products and Services is in the final testing and production phase for its new 747-8 Aeroloft retrofit kits. The kits, to be installed in the upper “hump” of the aircraft, include sleep berths for eight, a stairway and a foyer. The company, located in Marysville, Wash., about 20 miles north of Being’s 747-8 factory, already has firm orders for two kits.

“The Aeroloft manufacturing program is forming a solid foundation for future VIP and custom interior programs,” said GPS director of operations Tim Abuhl.

Greenpoint Technologies has also launched a startup venture–Greenpoint Aerospace Company–which will focus on government and military clients, as well as special projects. The wholly owned subsidiary will be headed by GAC’s first president, Brian Hellings, who brings a familiarity with government and commercial derivative programs, as well as 35 years of experience at Boeing and prior service with the U.S. Air Force.