NBAA Convention News

ACES Systems Offers Variety of Test Equipment

 - October 10, 2011, 5:30 AM

ACES Systems, a division of Technology for Energy Corp. headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., is at Booth No. N2311 to acquaint NBAA convention-goers with its line of aviation vibration and acoustical analysis and balancing equipment for airframe and engine ground test and test cell applications. These encompass fixed-wing and rotorcraft platforms along with turbofan, turboprop and piston engines, including radial and horizontally opposed powerplants.

The ACES Systems Viper 4040 analyzer can be used on a variety of turboshaft and turbofan engines. The system’s blade optimizer eliminates the need to install new matched pairs of fan blades when only one is damaged. This function allows the user to remove only the damaged blade and enter the moment arm for the single replacement blade and all remaining blades on the disk.

The optimization of weight moment distribution results in a balance condition, which often eliminates the need for a follow-on fan trim balance after the blade replacement. Savings realized when using this feature may completely pay for the analyzer in little more than three uses, according to ACES Systems. Other cost-saving functions include transient vibration surveys, multi-plane balance and the ability to collect tracked engine vibration data.

ACES is also promoting its 560 Jet Engine Data Acquisition (JEDA) module, which communicates with the Pratt & Whitney Canada MonEEC personal digital assistant (PDA) application to gather data for troubleshooting the JT15D-5/5R and PW530A/535A. The module is energized by the power supplied to the engine control and requires no external power connections.

Outside the U.S., ACES Systems has four service centers in Australia, Asia, Europe and South America.