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Component Control Introduces Web Online RFQ Parts Search Software

 - October 10, 2011, 2:40 AM

MRO and logistics software company Component Control (Booth No. C10533) is announcing the formal launch of its new Web Online RFQ parts and services search software here at NBAA.

Essentially a software plug-in that allows any aviation company to quickly add parts and services search capability to its own website, Web Online RFQ is powered by Component Control’s StockMarket search engine. While StockMarket allows users to search through all 37 million line items posted on, Web Online RFQ returns search results from only the inventory and services available through the company hosting the search engine. Buyers can then submit a purchase order, request for quote (RFQ) or directly purchase selected parts, depending on the software configuration.

“Through launching and growing, we realized a lot of aviation suppliers wanted to promote their parts inventory on their own website as well,” said director Jason Cordoba. “Web Online RFQ technology shares the same robust structure as except that we exclude the public information, allowing the user to show results for their inventory and service capabilities.”

Cordoba said that it takes Component Control personnel approximately 30 minutes to add the Web Online RFQ search capability to an existing website. If the customer also uses Component Control’s Quantum Control MRO and logistics software, inventory and service availability information can be updated automatically in real time. Purchase orders and RFQs can also be automatically handled through the Quantum software, saving data entry time, minimizing mistakes and decreasing the amount of time it takes to get back to a prospective buyer. Non-Quantum customers update their inventory by sending a spreadsheet of inventory data to Component Control.  

“One of the great things about Web Online RFQ is that you don’t have to maintain the data–we maintain it,” said Cordoba. “For a Quantum user, the inventory is updated in about 10 seconds. For a non-Quantum user, we update the data within six hours of receiving your spreadsheet.”

Customers have the option of including detailed inventory information, scanned documents and product images with their Web Online RFQ postings. Postings are not limited to parts inventory, however; manufacturing, maintenance, overhaul and distribution capabilities can also be listed.

Approximately 40 companies have already incorporated Web Online RFQ into their websites following several soft launches of the product over the past year.