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Daniels Introduces New Wire Crimp Tool

 - October 10, 2011, 3:00 AM
Daniels Manufacturing’s ratchet-controlled hand crimp tool provides wire termination and environmental sealing in a single step.

Daniels Manufacturing (Booth No. N2915), a manufacturer of tools for the high-reliability wire harness market, is introducing a new ratchet-controlled hand crimp tool at NBAA.

The Daniels GMT1090 crimp tool was developed for new TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics) cold-applied environmental splices, which provide wire termination and environmental sealing in a single step. The GMT1090 crimps cold- applied splices sizes 26-20, 20-16, and 16-12 American wire gauge (AWG) diameters. No heat is required to terminate wires, so there is no need to de-fuel aircraft.

Crimping is a method of firmly attaching a terminal or contact end to an electrical conductor by pressure forming or reshaping a metal barrel, together with the conductor. The forming of a satisfactory crimp depends on the correct combination of conductor, crimp barrel and tool, Daniels says. When applied with a properly matched tool a union is established, which has both good electrical and mechanical characteristics. The tool should provide these requirements consistently, reliably with repeatability.

Equivalent to TE Connectivity’s AD-1381 crimp tool, the GMT1090 is ratchet-controlled to ensure full crimp force is applied. The handles will not open until they have been fully closed and the crimp completed. The jaws include a min/max wire strip gauge to help ensure proper strip lengths. The tool is equipped with a locator, which is configured to hold the splice in the correct location while either wire is being terminated.

The GMT1090 is 8.75 inches long and weighs .75 pounds. It is sold separately or included in Daniels Manufacturing wiring system tool kits. “The rugged construction of this tool assures repeatability and durability,” the company says.

Daniels Manufacturing, based in Orlando, Fla., offers products including manual, battery-powered, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic crimping tools; backshell and accessory torque tools; contact insertion and removal tools; EMI/RFI shielding band tools, Alphatronwire crimp pull testers; fiberoptic cleave tools, Safe-T-Cableand tools; wire strip and prep tools and aircraft maintenance support tool kits. All of the company’s tools are made in the U.S., and have been used in defense and aircraft programs and land, sea and space systems.

Daniels Manufacturing’s full-service Orlando facility has qualified staff to recalibrate tools and to refurbish tool kits. The company has a network of professionals in 17 countries to field technical questions, process orders for complete kits and individual tools, design new service kits and modify existing kits.