NBAA Convention News

E-A-R Demos Cabin Sound Reality

 - October 10, 2011, 9:25 AM

Thermal/acoustic specialist 3M introduced a new acoustic demonstrator from its subsidiary E-A-R Thermal Acoustic Systems (Booth No. N5930) here at the NBAA convention. The demonstrator was created to simulate not only interior noise levels of a typical business aircraft, but also the range of noise signatures with varying frequency content. For example, the demonstrator illustrates the difference between a 50-dB-sound intensity level (SIL) interior and a 52-dB-SIL interior, according to Brian Joyal, director of business development for E-A-R. “It also allows us to convey the importance of sound level and sound quality in creating a comfortable cabin.” As explained by E-A-R systems engineer David Gries, to achieve a truly comfortable cabin, attention must be paid not only to the sound (or noise) level, but to the sound quality.