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EMS Tech Now Part of Honeywell

 - October 10, 2011, 2:10 AM
EMS Aviation’s Aspire 200 LG airborne communication package includes a network designed to deliver feature-rich voice and data connectivity.

EMS Aviation is appearing at NBAA’11 for the first time as a member of the Honeywell Aerospace family. As part of the acquisition of parent company EMS Technologies for $491 million, EMS Aviation became part of Honeywell Aerospace (Booth No. N4500) in August. The deal included EMS Technologies’s other business divisions–Defense & Space, Global Resource Management and LXE–which collectively provide solutions for mobile networking, rugged mobile computers and satellite communications.

At NBAA, EMS Aviation has its own exhibit (Booth No. C7327) as well as a visible presence at the Honeywell exhibit. EMS is highlighting its satcom terminals, antennas, in-cabin network devices, rugged data storage systems and surveillance applications for use on aircraft and on other data-gathering platforms.

Among newer EMS products on display here is its Aspire 200 LG airborne communication package, which Anderson Aviation, a charter operator based in Vancouver, B.C., recently selected for a Citation Sovereign.

The system includes a CNX 200 network accelerator and, according to EMS Aviation, “is designed to deliver feature-rich voice and data connectivity to owners and operators of small- and medium-size business aircraft.”

EMS claims the Aspire system can be easily upgraded without rewiring the cabin or changing out the avionics racks. Aspire is an Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satcom offering data rates ranging from as much as 200 kbps with a low-gain antenna to 300 kbps with an intermediate-gain antenna and 432 kbps with a high-gain variant. Anderson explained that the owner of the Sovereign flies regularly to South America and Europe and needs voice and data contact during the long flights.

In August, EMS Aviation announced that São Paulo-based Avio Corp Equipamentos Aeronáuticos is now an EMS-authorized dealer. Avio Corp offers EMS Aviation’s entire line of in-flight communication solutions, including eNfusion and Sky Connect. “In-flight connectivity is gaining ground in Latin America,” said Avio Corp CEO Marcos Vernini. “With the wide range of aircraft types available today comes varied connectivity requirements, and having a full suite of solutions to fit a multitude of needs is important.”

“Staying connected while in flight is an essential element of aircraft operation and the Aspire system’s small installation footprint, ease of upgrade and pricing structure makes it a perfect solution for small and medium aircraft,” said EMS Aviation v-p and general manager John Jarrell.

Earlier this summer, EMS Aviation entered into an agreement with Fort Lauderdale-based Banyan Air Service (Booth No. N4726) to obtain certifications for the Aspire 200 LG and eNfusion systems and associated products on the Gulfstream GII and GIII. Also planned for certification is EMS Aviation’s CNX Cabin Gateway series Wi-Fi solution for Gulfstream’s GIV. Banyan is a key supplier of aviation products and services for Latin American business aircraft operators.