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Fuelerlinx Adds To Fuel-finding Functionality

 - October 10, 2011, 1:40 AM
Fuelerlinx’s interactive Axiom Fuel Planner provides graphical displays of a user’s contract fuel prices at airports along their flightpath. Range circles show the specific aircraft’s maximum range (red) and FAA 45-minute reserve range (orange).

Aviation fuel-planning software provider Fuelerlinx is on hand at NBAA to demonstrate the latest features of its product. The San Francisco-based company’s newest enhancement is an interactive route map called Axiom Fuel Planner, which displays operators’ own negotiated contract fuel prices.

While other fuel planning companies have offered map functionality in the past, Fuelerlinx’s new patented feature afford operators the ability to compare not simply the posted retail price for fuel, but real-time specific contract fuel prices at all airports within range of every stop on a flight plan.

“Until now operators have never been able to see all of their contract fuel price options surrounding the stops along their route,” said Kevin Moller, Fuelerlinx president. Using the system, the company’s software subscribers can enter a multi-leg flight that will be displayed on the map along with the aircraft’s maximum and reserve range from every stop along the route. The system calculates range based on the jet’s make and model, great-circle distance due to the curvature of the Earth and even live data on winds aloft. Users can specify a radius between 25 and 125 miles from their destination to help simplify their fuel decisions.

“Before, operators had to download spreadsheets from their contract fueler, find their best price at each FBO for each stop on their route and then repeat that process for every fuel network,” said Alexandra Williams, the company’s director of client relations. “With the new map feature they can visualize all that information at once.”

Fuelerlinx–which is also accessible on Apple’s iPad–allows operators to compare not only their own negotiated fuel prices from different suppliers, but it also continually updates ramp fees for more than 600 FBOs nationwide. The system can identify price breaks at locations based on the volume uplifted and can reconcile fuel bills and notify operators of billing discrepancies.

The software’s subscription rates begin at $149 per month and increases depending on the operator’s number of users and aircraft. According to Fuelerlinx, most customers find that the program pays for itself after the first few fuel uplifts.

Fuelerlinx is raffling off six “retro” phone handset accessories for mobile devices at its booth (No.C12340) during the show.–C.E.