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Honeywell moves forward on head-down EVS/SVS combo

 - October 10, 2011, 4:28 PM
Honeywell’s CVS designers believe the head-down display allows them to make use of the more colorful PFD. The system adds color to the infrared image from the EVS camera, matching it to the SVS image.

The future is coming and it looks like this: the weather at your destination was supposed to improve, but it stubbornly remains below the 200-foot minimums. Of course you have plenty of fuel to make your alternate, but that airport is far from the meeting your boss is expected to helm. And while you and your flight crew team won’t let the boss’s desire to make it on time to the meeting affect your decision, it would be much more efficient to be able to arrive safely at your original destination. Fortunately, your jet is equipped and you and your first officer are trained for precisely this situation. For a complete version of this article, click here NBAA_2011_Honeywell demo flight.pdf