NBAA Convention News

VT Miltope Adds Wireless Access to Bizjet Cabins

 - October 10, 2011, 12:25 AM

VT Miltope is featuring, here at the NBAA show, a network product family with the functionality to create custom airborne systems in the same way business office networks are created. The company, with headquarters in Hope Hull, Ala., is part of VT Systems and a subsidiary of ST Engineering. It specializes in rugged computers and peripherals “for military, industry and commercial applications where reliable operation of the equipment under demanding environmental conditions is of paramount importance.” The airborne networking equipment available from VT Miltope supports a variety of telecommunications functions, including communication, WLAN and network management, intranet and Web services, recording and delivery of flight operational quality assurance data, ACARS communication over Internet protocol and other system software applications. VT Miltope (Booth No. C8023) has added to its family of network products a multifunction access point (nMap) conforming to the IEEE wireless networking 802.11n specification. Developed to incorporate the latest security enhancements, including WPA and WPA2, nMAP offers the latest technology and operational features for aircraft applications. VT Miltope also makes maintenance computers, Arinc-compliant airborne printers, airborne servers, mass and network storage devices, Ethernet switches, network control panels and portable maintenance access terminals.