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Winglets, Fuel Tank Mods Among Quiet Wing Offerings

 - October 10, 2011, 3:40 AM
Quiet Wing-designed winglets were installed on Donald Trump’s (former) Boeing 727.

Wing-tip extensions–known as winglets–that reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel efficiency and range have become familiar features on a variety of business and commercial jets. Quiet Wing Technologies (Booth No. C10432), Redmond, Wash., says it was the first company to certify winglets on a transport category aircraft–the venerable Boeing 727, many of which are still in operation as VIP-configured aircraft.

Winglets are just one of a range of products offered by Quiet Wing, which specializes in aircraft system design, analysis and certification. The company’s other products include auxiliary fuel tanks, fuel tank inerting systems, a fuel quantity indicating system and Class 2 electronic flight bag. It has designed and certified reinforced cockpit security doors operating on Boeing 727 and 737 classics and the Convair 580 and stretched Convair 5800.

The company also offers a Boeing modification package that includes winglets, auxiliary fuel tanks and interior restructuring. Interiors come in four different floor plans. “To reduce the time and cost it takes to complete a typical VIP interior, Quiet Wing is in the process of developing certified modules such as lavs, dividers and showers that can be readily adapted to a specific interior layout,” according to Quiet Wing. “As these modules will be FAA approved, the time from concept to installation is dramatically reduced.”

The first 727 winglets, originally developed by Valsan Partners and marketed by Quiet Wing, were installed in 1993. The system, which is certified on all 727 models and variants, consists of the winglets and a patented flap system modification. The company is in the process of certifying new winglets for the Boeing 737-300, 400 and 500 series that will help reduce fuel consumption by up to 6 percent and improve payload, climb and thrust performance. Other Quiet Wing products include FAA-certified kits to meet SFAR 88 fuel tank system fault tolerance evaluation requirements, affecting aircraft auxiliary fuel tanks. The mod maker is currently developing auxiliary tanks for transport category aircraft that will meet new regulations, including FAA flammability rules that take effect in 2014.–B.C.