NBAA Convention News

Amsterdam Software To Demo FBO One System

 - October 11, 2011, 6:01 PM

Exhibiting for the first time at an NBAA show this year, Amsterdam Software (Booth No. C10847) will demonstrate its FBO One system to American audiences. The Web-based FBO One software–tested at facilities outside the U.S. for the past four years–organizes almost every element of FBO operations, from tracking fuel sales and inventory control, to aircraft parking needs, catering requests and a variety of crew demands. Its developers view FBO One as a service designed to automate excruciating amounts of paperwork that used to take hours to track.

The system offers operators the opportunity to link multiple locations as well as regularly evaluate all operations with reports sent through secured networks to mobile devices, including iPads. This new-to-the Americas software also supports a number of local FBO details such as workflow, taxes, currencies, airport fees and customs obligations.

Amsterdam’s software evolved from a partnership between founder and CEO Ries Vriend and KLM. “With a proven track record in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and with clients such as KLM, Jet Aviation and Swissport, we are now coming to the American continent,” said Vriend.

As a private company, Amsterdam Software began testing the FBO One service with KLM Jet Center’s two facilities in the Netherlands, which eventually grew to serving a network of 40 FBOs all across Europe. FBO One also easily integrates with EuroControl CFMU and FlightAware flight-tracking as well as handling orders for NetJets Europe and Universal Weather and Aviation.