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Cessna To Get New Hybrid Nav Systems

 - October 11, 2011, 8:16 PM

The Cessna Citation Ten will feature a new hybrid fiber-optic inertial/GPS navigation system developed by Northrop Grumman subsidiary Litef. An improved version of the former Litton company’s LCR-100, the new hybrid LCR-100N provides aircraft position, heading and attitude even when GPS data is unavailable. It offers the precise navigation needed for flying in RNP airspace.

Capable of following highly efficient, exact routes, the LCR-100N is supporting air traffic management system modernization programs including Single European Sky and its American counterpart, NextGen. “We are pleased that Cessna will be among the first companies to benefit from the launch of our LCR-100N,” said Litef managing director Eckehardt Keip.

The LCR-100N consists of a hybrid navigator unit, which accepts satellite-based GPS position and velocity data and a calibration programmable read-only memory device. Northrop Grumman will begin test program deliveries to Cessna later this year, with production deliveries to commence in 2012.

Included in the LCR-100N introduction is a companion hybrid navigator, the LCR-110. Both incorporate increased accuracy of inertial measurement units and enhanced GPS data utilization. The LCR-110 integrates inertial and GPS measurements to achieve highly accurate aircraft position, particularly when GPS data errors are detected. Another advanced feature is gyro-compassing, which enables the systems to establish precise heading within moments without the need to include a magnetic flux valve or magnetometer in the aircraft.