NBAA Convention News

Duncan Aviation Shares Advice

 - October 11, 2011, 4:38 PM

Duncan Aviation is at NBAA 2011 in Las Vegas to share with operators innovative programs for economizing costs and cutting downtime for interior refurbishments, explaining the FAA NextGen initiative and Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) and answering common issues about Wi Fi installations for business aircraft.

Duncan is demonstrating a video series and a field guide explaining how phasing interior maintenance with regularly scheduled maintenance events benefits passengers, prevents damage and controls long-term costs. Duncan’s Phased Interior Maintenance program can improve an aircraft interior and help refurbishments last longer, by timing portions of interior upgrades to coincide with maintenance events. The program provides operators with plans unique to their specific aircraft, said Nate Darlington, Duncan interior modification sales. “We work with you to review your interior’s current condition, taking a look at how the aircraft is used and create a plan that you can take with you, all at no cost or obligation.”

Duncan avionics specialists give operators a quick overview of the FAA NextGen initiative in an e-book titled, Straight Talk About NextGen. There is much to understand on the topic, said Steve Elofson, Duncan installation sales rep, who hopes the release of the NextGen e-book will address many operators’ concerns. According to the company, “We believe our efforts in finding and condensing this information will clarify the subject.” A companion Straight Talk e-book offers information to give operators a closer look at FANS and its relationship to NextGen.

Justin Vena of Duncan avionics installation sales explains that there is no one avionics solution that will fit every aircraft, and often it takes a variety of packages to reach a final solution allowing an aircraft to become compliant. “Our avionics experts have done the research and can assist customers with any questions regarding FANS,” he said.

Answers to common issues and questions about Wi Fi installations for business aircraft are found in a new field guide that includes a comparison of the major service providers and primary main equipment options.