NBAA Convention News

Heads Up Tech Lights Up Control of Aircraft Cabin Systems

 - October 11, 2011, 3:38 PM

Heads Up Technologies of Carrollton, Texas, unveiled Lumin, a new cabin management system (CMS) that combines both innovative technology and highly flexible design, at NBAA 2011, held October 10-12 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Heads Up created unique Lumin features such as touchscreens that are customized to blend seamlessly into the cabin interior, preserving the integrity of the cabin design. At the same time, the Lumin technology can be used to create a design that is unique to the OEM brand or the owner’s personal tastes.

“The goal was to create a timeless and elegant design that was easy to use,” said Heads Up president and CEO Rob Harshaw. “Lumin adopts the current trends in consumer technology [and] abstracts the complexity, allowing the user to simply enjoy the experience.”

Technically, Lumin employs fiber-optic, distributed processing, wireless and digital content management technologies. Passengers can enjoy an intuitive touchscreen user interface that is customized to support the branding of the cabin interior. The system incorporates Blu-ray, digital audio libraries, Internet connectivity, seat-to-seat texting and cabin control functions. At the same time, said Harshaw, Lumin reduces weight and power consumption. And he added, it is highly scalable “from the smallest to the largest aircraft. We wanted to create a CMS with flexibility, to give OEMs a solution that is uniquely their own,” he explained. “This system lets you define the level of luxury, functionality and control of each cabin.”

Lumin technology, on display at the Heads Up exhibit, powers the Clairity cabin technology that is standard on the new Cessna Citation Ten and Latitude and will be optional on the new Citation M2.