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Jeppesen, Lindbergh, Green Alliance, environment

 - October 11, 2011, 6:03 PM
Jeppesen President and CEO Mark Van Tine was recognized by Lindbergh Foundation Aviation Green Alliance Chairman Larry Williams.

Jeppesen (Booth No. C8810) announced here at the NBAA show that it will serve as a founding member of the Lindbergh Foundation’s nonprofit Aviation Green Alliance. The alliance was established earlier this year to encourage aviation-related companies to seek solutions, communicate ideas and acknowledge progress with regard to environmental problems. The alliance offers multiple platforms for members to share findings, strategies and ideas. It also provides environmental news and information and grant funding to promote the discovery and development of technologies.

Jeppesen said it will bring together stakeholders to address environmental issues facing the aviation industry, including emissions, noise and operational efficiency. “We are thrilled that Jeppesen will be among our elite group of founding members,” said Lindbergh Foundation chairman and CEO Larry Williams. “With its 77-year history of innovation, Jeppesen continues to be an excellent model for other companies in our industry by leading the way once again–this time for our environment.”


This is an excellent way to go toward protecting our environment. I wish all aircrafts will use this bio fuel so we can prevent the deterioration of our planet so dear to our hearts. I'm always will be a protector of our environment specially with and in aviation.

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