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WSI Upgrades Fusion Weather Software

 - October 11, 2011, 6:42 PM

Weather Services International (WSI) has released a new version (4.0) of its Fusion software, which it bills as a “workflow-based aviation-planning/decision-support tool.” The latest version adds more meteorological features, including an easy-to-understand graphic presentation of weather events and conditions. The company provided information about the new software at NBAA 2011 in Las Vegas.

Among the new features are the North American Radar Mosaic, which provides a comprehensive view of radar across the continent without the need to overlay multiple radar types; a Hot Storm Index, which determines the potential impact of severe weather events; and High Definition Convective Weather Layers, which among other things features a new EchoTop mosaic that offers better spatial resolution and clearly shows the highest tops of greatest concern.

WSI touts Fusion as a way for operations management to gain early insight into changing flight, airfield and airspace conditions and to streamline the decision-making workflow. It combines global, public and proprietary weather information with data on airspace constraints, flight tracks and navigation.

The company has also just debuted an iPad app for its WSI Pilotbrief Optima service. With it, a pilot can retrieve the information needed for a flight directly from the device. Among the data available on the app: high-definition weather layers; route-specific weather and NOTAM briefings; recently FAA-cleared flight routes; tropical storm tracks; textual aviation weather reports and forecasts; and 10-day forecasts.

WSI is a Weather Channel company headquartered in Andover, Mass.