Acana Tackles Charter Issues at NBAA Forum

 - October 12, 2011, 4:11 PM

Founded to promote self-regulation among air charter brokers, Acana (Air Charter Association of North America) has become the brokers’ alphabet group, taking the lead on issues affecting the charter brokerage business. These issues–most prominently impending broker regulations from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and illegal charter activity–were the focus of the panel discussion at Acana’s forum at the NBAA Convention on Monday. The DOT released an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking for charter broker regulations in 2007, and after multiple delays says it will release the NPRM before the end of this year. “We welcome regulations, as long as they are fair and allow brokers to do their work and apply to all who engage in charter brokerage, including limos and hotels that offer to arrange charters as part of their services,” said David McCown, Air Partner vice president and Acana chairman. Acana met with DOT officials earlier this year to provide input on the proposed rules, and McCown briefed forum attendees on that discussion. Additional topics on the forum agenda included illegal charter, due diligence responsibilities and liability as an air charter broker, intent disclosure and transparency in charter agreements and relationships between charter brokers and charter operators.