AJ Walter Aviation Breaks Ground on London Facility

 - October 12, 2011, 3:30 PM

AJ Walter Aviation is building a new international headquarters and logistics center near London’s Gatwick Airport. The 60-acre site will contain a 240,000-sq-ft office and storage facility to house the company’s Airbus and Boeing components, engines and consumables. According to Christopher Whiteside, the company’s president, the facility will also include a training theater, on-site restaurant with catering capability, sports and leisure facilities, and guest accommodations. “We are spearheading a global strategy designed to deliver exponential growth for the business,” said Andy Smith, AJ Walter’s logistics director. “Our future path will demand facilities of the highest standard and the only way to ensure all of our technical, organizational and social priorities are met is to design and build our own environment.” Roy Jones, the project manager supervising construction, said the project is also environmentally friendly. “The aggregates from the existing buildings are being recycled to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion and we’ll be installing renewable energy sources on site. We are committed to achieving the highest rating possible for sustainable building design, construction and operation.”