ICG, Overlook Team for Fans1/A

 - October 13, 2011, 2:36 PM

International Communications Group (ICG) is teaming with Overlook Consulting to bring operational approval services for future air navigation system (Fans1/A) and polar routing to pilots and flight departments using ICG’s NxtLink Iridium transceivers. “With the FAA, Eurocontrol and others moving from flight deck voice to datalink communications,” said ICG CEO Scott Trainum, “operators are compelled to decide how they will address the situation. Overlook Consulting has a solid background in developing the major elements for Fans operational approval, including the associated manuals, training and documentation.” ICG has also collaborated with Talon Air Maintenance Services on Long Island, N.Y., to complete the first installation of an ICG SB-200 Sora Lite Inmarsat high-speed data and voice satcom system on a Citation III. The announcement coincided with news that the first production units of ICG’s new ePhone cordless cabin telephone system will become available in December. Initial units will be used in testing for STC approval for installation of the handset on various aircraft models.