Beware of Moving Presidential TFRs

 - October 18, 2011, 5:06 PM

NBAA’s GA Desk is warning aircraft operators flying on the U.S. East Coast this week to review TFR notams carefully. A moving 10-nm TFR is following President Obama along a bus tour through the East Coast until later tomorrow. NBAA termed the TFRs “complex” due to their migratory nature, adding, “ATC has reported numerous TFR errors already during this event.” The TFRs affect all traffic from the surface up to but not including FL180. Additionally, any traffic inside the 30-nm corridor but outside the 10-nm event rings must be on an IFR flight plan, talking to ATC and squawking the correct code.


I'd like to know if there is any way to obtain previous presidential TFR request to compare and contrast previous administrations use of VIP TFR's with this administration. I believe this president is using TFR's cavalierly and way too often. These TFR's are disruptive, cause loss of revenue to certain communities when aircraft can't arrive and are creating a headache for those innocent pilots that accidentally find themselves in violation of one of these TFRs. In my short 16 years of flying, I've never seen more VIP or presidential TFRs until the last two years. I think its absurd. If the president is on a bus tour, does he really think a threat will come from the air? I argue if there is a real threat, a small moving TFR isn't going to change the outcome.

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