Dubai Air Show

Jet Aviation Dubai Widens Maintenance Portfolio

 - November 12, 2011, 1:55 AM

Jet Aviation’s Dubai facility will offer maintenance support for the Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) series by the end of the year, the company said here at the Dubai Air Show. The business aviation services group is responding to anticipated demand for premium VIP transports in the Middle East, based on the needs of around eight ACJ operators in the region.

Dubai employees have already received Airbus-led training and certification, and the company has invested in all required tools. “We are delighted to expand our maintenance offerings to Airbus customers in the region,” said Michael Rücker, Jet Aviation Dubai vice president and general manager. Airbus, he said, “requested we offer this service to their customers at the front end.”

Separately, Jet Aviation (Stand E452), which is owned by Gulfstream parent company General Dynamics, also announced completion of the first Certification Foxtrot Basic upgrade on a Gulfstream G550 business jet in the Middle East. The software upgrade of the PlaneView avionics suite, based on Honeywell’s Primus Epic system, provides pilots with improved vision, enhanced navigational ability and better weather information. “It is an efficient way of improving Gulfstream’s aircraft performance, value, safety and navigational accuracy, all with minimal downtime,” the company said.

Jet Aviation is authorized to support Certification Foxtrot Basic upgrades on Gulfstream G350, G450, G500 and G550 aircraft, as well as the synthetic vision system on the G550.

Meanwhile, the company’s Dubai facility is preparing to be able to provide base maintenance support for Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft by the end of this year. Training and type rating for the type has been completed and tooling is about to be installed. There are already six Falcon 7X operators in the Middle East.

Finally, Jet Aviation announced it has launched a new mobile application called Jet Aviation FBO to provide FBO pre-arrival form and other services by smartphone or tablet computer. Once downloaded to a mobile device, the new app provides access to the company’s FBO locations and range of services. Customers can create a profile and complete pre-arrival forms in advance. They can view location maps, airport diagrams, frequencies and weather updates, and contact the FBO directly by phone or email. In addition, pilots can use the “My Concierge” section to request travel assistance beyond the aircraft.