iOS 5.0.1 Fixes Some iPad Aviation App Data Issues

 - November 22, 2011, 3:56 PM

Apple’s latest update to the iOS operating system–iOS 5.0.1–is expected to prevent some of the automatic data deletion problems that iPad users have been experiencing.

After iOS 5.0 was released last month, iPad aviation app users encountered problems, including deletion of data without warning and other glitches. In some cases, this led to deletion of files needed to display aeronautical charts on iPad apps, such as ForeFlight and WingX, though it did not affect Jeppesen’s TC or FD Mobile iPad apps.

“With iOS 5.0.1, apps can mark certain data as ‘never delete,’” wrote app-maker ForeFlight in a recent blog post.

App developers must update their products to incorporate that capability, and ForeFlight and Hilton Software (WingX) plan new versions shortly. Pilots using iPads should be cautious, warned ForeFlight: “Even with iOS 5.0.1, we recommend that you always preflight your apps.”

Hilton Softwarwe founder Hilton Goldstein added, “Note that developers can only prevent files from being deleted, but we have heard that iOS is deleting entire apps and data, which the iOS fix won’t fix.”

Apple did not return AIN’s queries by press time.