Chromalloy Wins Third Repair Approval from Japan

 - November 23, 2011, 10:30 AM

Chromalloy received its third approved organization exposition (AOE) certificate from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB). The certificate was awarded to Chromalloy’s San Antonio repair station following a JCAB audit and determination of operational capabilities to provide repair services on various components in turbine engines powering Japanese commercial aircraft. Earlier this year, two other Chromalloy engine repair service centers in the U.S.–in Phoenix and Carson City, Nev.–received AOE authorization from the JCAB. “The San Antonio certificate was issued in accordance with the 2009 Japan Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement [BASA] that authorizes FAA designated engineering representative-approved repairs,” said Bruce Johnson, vice president of engineering. Under the JCAB approval, the Chromalloy service centers can provide turbine engine component repairs for Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways. The 292,000-sq-ft San Antonio operation also holds repair approval certificates from the European Aviation Safety Agency, Civil Aviation Administration of China, Directorate General Civil Aviation Indonesia, Department of Civil Aviation Thailand and Ameco Beijing contractor authorization.