Tanis, Bruce’s Custom Covers Team on AOG Protection

 - November 23, 2011, 10:35 AM

Glenwood, Minn.-based Tanis Aircraft Products has partnered with Bruce’s Custom Covers to fabricate Tanis-brand insulated aircraft covers to protect aircraft in harsh and demanding winter conditions. Tanis is best known for providing aircraft preheat systems to the global aviation industry and Bruce’s Custom Covers for supplying aircraft covers. Together, the two will manufacture and sell a broad line of custom-fitted insulated and non-insulated aircraft covers for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. According to a Tanis spokesman preheating is a winter season best practice mandated by both engine manufacturers and some government jurisdictions. Combining preheat with insulated covers not only enhances operational safety but saves on operational costs, enhances scheduling and decreases downtime during winter operations. The combination of preheat and insulated covers increases the efficiency of preheating an aircraft. A complete preheat system combined with an insulated cover allows an operator to keep both aircraft and engine warm, thereby minimizing ground time. Covers are available for engine cowlings, propeller/spinner, fuselage, cabin/canopy, wings, empennage/tail and cowl plugs. Covers protect engines and propellers from frost and condensation, and paint and windows from harmful ultraviolet light and weather anomalies such as hail and airborne debris.