U.S. Air Force Selects Cavu’s iPhone App

 - November 23, 2011, 2:47 PM

The U.S. Air Force has selected the EFB-Pro performance-calculating iPhone app for pilots of its fleet of C-21A Learjet 35As. Developed by Cavu Companies, EFB-Pro has long been available as Windows PC software and now runs on Apple’s iPhone and iPad without needing an Internet connection. EFB-Pro includes takeoff and landing performance as well as weight-and-balance calculations for more than 200 aircraft types. Cavu can add aircraft that aren’t in its database, including weight-and-balance data for specific aircraft.

The Air Force criteria for performance calculation software, according to Cavu, included accurate takeoff, landing and weight-and-balance for multiple configurations; operation on ordinary iPhones; and the ability to deliver all of EFB-Pro’s capabilities without connection to the Internet. When Internet connections are available, EFB-Pro integrates weather data from worldwide airports. As performance or airport data is updated, EFB-Pro automatically provides updates to the app so users have current data.

EFB-Pro uses the net takeoff flight path profile to calculate obstacle clearance weight restrictions, according to Cavu. After the user selects an aircraft and enters weight-and-balance data, the system provides a graphical view of the cg envelope. The user can then input departure airport wind, runway slope and condition, departure type (including controlling obstacle), departure procedure safety margin and desired gradients, or he can save some time by selecting the departure airport and runway from the EFB-Pro database. Other parameters include flap settings, ice on or -off, 15-percent margin or 60- or 80-percent landing factors. Once the user enters this data, EFB-Pro shows takeoff results, including maximum weight, takeoff distance and V speeds.

EFB-Pro will also store user documents and it comes loaded with current FAA regulations, Advisory Circulars, the Aeronautical Information Manual and other products. Current EFB-Pro for Windows subscribers can access the app for $25 per aircraft per month. For new subscribers, the EFB-Pro app costs $50 per aircraft per month (which includes a license for two devices).

According to Cavu president James Deuvall, “[the Air Force] needed the ability to quickly switch between passenger and stretcher configurations without requiring the unit to be reprogrammed. EFB-Pro simply allows the pilot to select the aircraft from a pull-down list and then toggle the appropriate configuration.”