Duncan Aviation Offers Video on Reducing Interior Refurb Cost

 - November 30, 2011, 10:54 AM
Duncan offers two resources to show owners how to extend the life of the aircraft interior by phasing interior maintenance with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Two new resources are available to Duncan Aviation customers that explain how to economize costs and downtime for interior refurbishments. A video series and a field guide explain how phasing interior maintenance with regularly scheduled maintenance events can improve the condition of an aircraft interior, reduce long-term costs and extend the life of interior refurbishments. “With proper planning, a complete interior modification can be phased effectively over several years of regularly scheduled maintenance events. Doing so can extend the like-new quality of an interior through to the end of its functional lifespan. More important, regular interior maintenance can also help materials last longer, prevent damage, lower costs and increase aircraft availability,” Nate Darlington, Duncan’s interior modifications sales rep, told AIN. The field guide, “How to Extend the Life of an Aircraft Interior: A DOM’s Guide to Phased Interior Maintenance,” explains how to phase interior maintenance, compares the costs of a traditional interior refurbishment with a phased interior approach, and provides details about the phased interior maintenance plans Duncan Aviation provides.