Duncan Aviation Develops Roll-around Hawker Landing Gear

 - December 7, 2011, 3:03 PM

Duncan Aviation has developed a new roll-around Hawker landing gear system that allows the aircraft to be moved while the actual landing gear is removed for overhaul. “The roll-around gear works best in a multi-shop event where paint is tied in with airframe maintenance and gear overhaul,” Dan Fuoco, Duncan’s Hawker airframe service sales rep, told AIN. “Typically, the given airframe inspection will be completed before the gear overhaul is completed. Therefore, once the airframe inspection is complete, rather than leaving the aircraft sit idle for a period of time waiting for the gear to come back from overhaul, with roll-around gear installed we can move the aircraft to paint, thus minimizing downtime. Once the aircraft comes out of paint, the overhauled gear will be ready to install.” In addition to the Hawker, Duncan has roll-around landing gear available for the Challenger 600/601/604 and the Falcon 50/900/2000. Additional roll-around landing gear are in production and will be available for use in 2012. All roll-around landing gear is available at any Duncan Aviation maintenance facility including Lincoln, Battle Creek and Provo.


I read your December 7, 2012, article. You mentioned that you were developing additional roll-around gear. What airframe will these be?


You can contact Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska at (800) 228-4277. They can answer your question.


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