NetJets Employees Picket over Multiple Grievances

 - December 13, 2011, 1:58 PM
About 75 to 80 Members of the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) and other employees held an informational picketing session outside NetJets headquarters yesterday.

About 75 to 80 Members of the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) and other employees held an informational picketing session outside NetJets headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday to bring attention to issues that the union claims the company management is not addressing.

While the issue that prompted the picketing was NetJets’s switch to a new 401(k) provider, the larger issue is that “Since the [new] management team came in, we’ve been under a deteriorating labor relationship,” said NJASAP president Mark Luthi. “[NetJets management] wants relief from some of our scope provisions that protect some of our flying. This is us saying, ‘We’re not just going to file grievances and let you abuse the minor dispute process to try to cut into our contract.’” 

Linda Miller, NetJets v-p of global human resources, said, “NetJets has fully complied with the terms of all applicable collective bargaining agreements. NetJets is, as it always has been, committed to maintaining positive relationships with its team members and believes the pilot union leadership is sponsoring this picket in an attempt to gain leverage in other areas of the labor-management relationship.”


Let's see.... Last March (2011) NJA management gave NJASAP an ultimatum.... Accept a reduction in the scope or face another furlough. Shortly after David Sokol in canned and no furloughs happen.

This past September, managment gives a briefing that they expect to have furloughees back within approximately 5 years, and expect to hire after that. Not a month later, management is telling folks in recurrent that if they don't accept changes to scope they cannot guarantee there won't be another furlough. They also hint that there may not be any Phenom or Global deliveries if scope isn't re-negotiated.

I've looked at the number of options available in the new proposed 401(k) provider. There are many less investment options.. I was extremely happy with Fidelity, and still am.

So mangament feels that they are honoring the contact and being truthful with the pilots..... It's quite the opposite. They have been threatening more furloughs since the first furlough on January 16, 2010. They say business is good, yet they continue to lose owners faster than they gain them. Their plan is to shrink to grow. Where have we seen that plan fail before!

Hey Steve, if you liked Fidelity so much, how about you cash out and keep your investments with Fidelity. Did you ever think of that? Anyone who cares this much about a retirement fund they won't touch for 10-30 years should be running their own retirement plan anyways. Oh wait, you'd lose UNLIMITED company match that way. typical union behavior. it's all about the $$. I for one do not want to hear about how much netjets sucks...if you don't like it, LEAVE. Oh wait, you make too much $$ to quit and go work for a regional. maybe you can just abuse leave of absences and work a 2nd job on the side. or call in sick all the time. hmmmmmm

Come on Goose, you can do better than that!!

stephen ever heard of too big to fail? its a good thing that netjets is rightsizing the biz and grow when its warranted. remember fannie and freddie? they were too big to fail just like the old netjets. sure its no fun now but the more NJ squeezes from the turnip now the better the company will be in the long run.

Comparing Fannie and Freddy to Netjets.. Bit of a stretch don't ya think? Netjets is trying to to "squeeze" from every direction. Now they are trying to change things but at the expense of a signed contract.

you answered your own statement. SIGNED CONTRACT means it can't change without mutual consent. I'm willing to believe that the contract stated how much $$ was involved with the 401(k), but the union overlooked the small detail of securing the provider contractually. I don't agree with some of the things the company has done, especially the damage David Sokol did (got Fiji water?) but I think the union is punishing current management still since many of these guys were brought in by Sokol. Both parties need to stop with the silly games (goose blog, letters from union leaders bashing management, meeting walkouts, sick/fatigue/MX/LOA abuse, etc) and just get this thing straightened out. Pilots need to focus on flying until the contract is up for negotiation, and management needs to focus on retaining and building the owner base. End of story.

Like you are the only ones effected by this. Mine also changed and I am not complaining about it. I am getting sick to death about hearing me me me all the time. Maybe you need to remember you are not the only ones working here.


That may be true, but they are the largest employee group, backed by a strong union, so they have the loudest voice. When they are successful at stopping blatant contract violations, ie changing 401K providers with out union involvement, it will benefit the rest of the employee groups!

As a Netjets share owner, this is news to me. As long as the product doesn't suffer, I will remain faithful to Netjets. I'm sure the pilot group is very well compensated and there is no reason to picket about a simple change in 401(k) provider, if indeed that is all that is changing. Seems to me the union should be more focused on how to get back their furloughed brothers and sisters over silly things like this.

really, it is the Union that is keeping the furloughed pilots from returning... They must have also been the ones who decided to furlough... The way I see it management is tasked with creating enough business to regrow Netjets

It's interesting the union is having their own version of "Occupy Columbus" instead of filing a law suit if the contract was broken. But it does make me wonder what the conversation is about in the cockpit. Customers , regulatory compliance, or Fidelity.

Where do you suppose they should file State, Federal??? As a "local" man I would think you would know that it can't be brought to a lawsuit. Only to a review board and then possibly arbitration, which takes many many months.

agreed, if there actually was a violation, it should have been handled quietly, in-house, and through private means involving dues funded lawyers. Picketing is just something union jabronis do when they aren't happy. Kind of like a kid throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get their way.

NJA is going to fall. I support the pilots they work hard and have alot of responsibility Pay them..NETJETS robs its owners. Owners buy your own aircraft and hire the NetJets pilots you will be very pleased. Thats what I did. Do NOT to Executive jet Management why another Netjets company. Have your own.....

yep, go get yer own plane. just remember to keep your netjets share handy for when it goes into maintainence for a week or a month and you cant use it. hopefully you don't think it's ok to fly it "just one more time" before taking it to the shop. it might be your last.

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