AvWorks Partners with Precision Aircraft Dismantling

 - December 21, 2011, 10:10 AM

Precision Aircraft Dismantling and AvWorks Aviation have teamed to provide aircraft dismantling. “We have negotiated an agreement with Precision in which we provide aircraft and they do the teardown and dismantling; we provide project management and they do the work,” Joel Young, AvWorks Aviation’s president and CEO, told AIN. AvWorks then separates out serviceable parts and components for resale and recycles the remaining material. “For example, some onboard computer systems can be upgraded and returned to service. This year we did a Boeing 727 and a Learjet; both engines on the Learjet were serviceable,” he said. The company has been in the parts business for about nine years, according to Young. “A strategic relationship with Precision will expand AvWorks Aviation’s existing aerospace parts business into aircraft dismantling. We are focused on building relationships with companies that can help us to continue to deliver quality aviation components and effective technologies for the portioning and disposal of aging aircraft.” The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association estimates that some 12,000 aircraft are destined for the junkyard over the next 20 years.