Committee Tasked To Develop Camp for Tour Ops

 - January 18, 2012, 2:10 PM

The FAA is seeking new members to join the new Commercial Air Tour Voluntary Accreditation Program Working Group, which will address an FAA assignment to the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (Arac) regarding air tour operator maintenance programs. A previous group, the Commercial Air Tours Maintenance Working Group, had recommended that Part 91 and 135 tour operators flying aircraft with nine or fewer passenger seats develop a voluntary accreditation program that would be used for operators to maintain their aircraft under a continuous airworthiness maintenance program (Camp). The FAA’s effort is in response to NTSB safety recommendations related to air-tour accidents. The new working group is tasked with developing an Advisory Circular that will address the development of Camps by the affected tour operators, which aren’t by regulation required to maintain their aircraft under a Camp. AC 00-56A, which was developed as a voluntary accreditation program for aircraft parts distributors, will serve as the model for developing the air tour Camp document. More information on joining the working group is available in the FAA task notice.