Jet Aviation Zurich Removes Citation Wings

 - February 8, 2012, 1:25 PM
Jet Aviation’s Zurich facility designed and built the tools necessary to remove a Citation wing for OEM repair.

Following damage to the aft spar of a Cessna 525 Citation CJ, Jet Aviation Zurich designed and built the necessary tools, including a wing support bench, an aircraft hoist, movable jacks and a fuselage support, to enable removal of the wings for mandatory OEM repair. Technicians glided the wings out from under the aircraft, one side at a time, and hoisted them into a handcrafted two-ton crate for transport.

“It was a big, heavy task that required more than 250 man-hours just to prepare for,” said Jakob Straub, vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation Zurich.

The Jet Aviation Zurich facility consists of 53,820 sq ft of hangar space and provides aircraft maintenance support to small and medium-size business jets and turboprops. The facility is an EASA- and FAA-authorized repair station offering airframe and engine maintenance, completions, cabinetry and furniture refurbishment, electrical system installation, avionics installation and exterior painting.

Jet Aviation Zurich is a Hawker Beechcraft and Cessna Citation authorized service center. The location also offers FBO and fueling services.