Comment Period Ending for Citation Excel Tailcone Icing AD

 - February 9, 2012, 2:25 PM

The comment period for a proposed FAA Airworthiness Directive regarding tailcone icing issues on the Cessna Citation 560XL Excel closes on Monday. The agency is issuing the AD in response to several recent incidents involving tailcone icing on the twinjet that have resulted in rudder binding. Moisture can enter the area when the aircraft is parked or during ground operations in the rain and can freeze in flight, causing ice accumulation on the cables and pulleys in the stinger that could result in binding of the rudder control cable. In January last year, Cessna issued a revised alert service letter, ASL560XL-53-08, that provides instructions on sealing an existing drain hole in the stinger and adding a drain in the aft canted bulkhead. Four months ago, the airframer issued a Service Bulletin that included the parts and instructions required for installing a stinger drain and seal. According to estimates, the cost of compliance with the proposed AD would be $1,339 per aircraft.