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The G450 Elite Cabin Experience

 - February 14, 2012, 7:35 AM
Gulfstream's new Elite cabin features a Gulfstream-designed cabin management system.

Gulfstream Aerospace comes to Singapore with, among other things, a G450 demonstrator aircraft fitted with its new Elite interior. The all-new optional package features elements from the company’s flagship G650, and is also available for G550 aircraft as well. AIN got a taste of the new cabin during a pre-show demo flight, courtesy of the U.S. manufacturer.

The sleek design features clean lines and white leather seats, offset by black high-gloss woods and matte silver finishes. Each element–up to the tiniest detail, such as the brushed chrome window shade controls–is a credit to its designers.

However, it is the aircraft’s invisible features that will make most difference to passengers. The company’s new cabin management system (CMS) includes digital control through Apple devices. Passengers can download an application that allows them to manipulate lighting, temperature, speakers, monitors, entertainment, window shades, and even call the flight attendant.

They’ll also be able to set and save their preferences. For example, if they like to work using the reading light, a closed window shade and a certain color for the indirect lighting, they’ll be able to save these preferences under their “work” label, which will automatically fire up their chosen settings when selected.

All the cabin systems (waste, water, communication, lighting, power, cabin control and entertainment) are designed to ensure that no single point failure will result in the loss of cabin functionality. Should a failure occur, maintenance staff on the ground will receive a message on the ground while the jet is still in the air.

There is an option for motorized seats. To ensure total comfort throughout all phases of flight, they sport heated back and seat cushions, a massager, single-position memory preset and press-and-hold controls for full upright and full-flat positions.

Lovers of gourmet cooking will appreciate the spacious galley, which houses a stainless-steel appliance stack with two coffee makers, a microwave and a convection oven, plus a refrigerator with freezer and removable shelves. There are touch controls built into the walls and the hinged doors on the crystal storage unit can double as an added work surface.

With such luxury on board, the flight seemed all too short. Should you want to experience the G450 interior for yourself, head to the Gulfstream stand (Chalet CD47) where the aircraft is on display, alongside a G150 and G550.


This reminds me of a style that Bentley Motors came out with a year ago. I am old fashoned and to me this look is sleek, but cold and tasteless. If you want to feel like you are waiting in a doctors waiting room, this is fine, but I am in to plush hardwoods. fine fabrics, the finest skins and gold plating. This just seems cold to me.
James West - Gulfstream Long Beach Completion Center 1990 - 2002

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