Million Air Unbrands San Bernardino Franchise

 - February 23, 2012, 2:30 PM

In the wake of recent punitive measures against the operators of its San Bernardino, Calif. FBO, Million Air has terminated its franchise agreement with SBD Properties, one of several companies at the airport run by Scot Spencer, the airport’s developer, and T. Milford Harrison, the airport’s former executive director. According to Million Air, SBD failed to meet the terms of the franchise contract, and in a lawsuit filed in Texas the FBO network claims SBD owes it more than $800,000 in various costs, management and franchise fees.

A separate management agreement remains in effect between the two companies, which will keep the now-unbranded FBO in operation. According to its FBO operating agreement with the airport authority, SBD has 30 days to find another nationally recognized service provider to partner with or face possible termination of its lease agreement for the facility.

As previously reported, the airport authority is seeking to terminate its fuel-farm-management agreement with SBD after an incident earlier this month during which an aircraft operator was unable to fill its tanks because there was not 2,500 gallons of available jet-A in the airport’s 150,000-gallon-capacity tank farm. On Tuesday, the company appealed a court ruling allowing the authority to take over the fuel farm.