Constant Aviation Expands Beechjet Capability

 - March 7, 2012, 4:00 PM

Cleveland-based MRO Constant Aviation is offering a complete Beechjet thrust-reverser maintenance program that includes repair and overhaul, free loaners and an exchange program with no over-and-above charges.

“We’ve found that the thrust reversers are one of the most common issues Beechjet operators are dealing with, so we’ve invested in several units to be exchanges and loaners. We can repair the full assembly or just the thrust-reverser doors [for 20 percent less cost than competitors] and with a faster turnaround time,” said Stephen Maiden, president of Constant Aviation.

“This year we are focusing on new programs to serve our customers better. We will be launching several new programs over the next 60 days that have come from customer desires and not just what the industry feels is important. Our growth last year was double digits, making it the sixth consecutive positive year. Our expansion efforts will make us a nationwide service provider by the end of this year,” Maiden told AIN.