Argus Prism Releases SMS Audit Report

 - March 22, 2012, 4:00 PM

Deficiencies in the general operating manual (GOM) and a lack of safety management system (SMS) training were cited as the top two problems at Part 91 and 135 operators, according to an SMS audit report released this week by Argus’s Professional Resources In System Management (Prism) division. The Prism team reviewed audits conducted at 74 operators last year by sister company Argus Pros and then compiled the results in the report.

According to Prism vice president of business aviation services Steve Witowksi, “By highlighting the common problem areas found in SMS implementation and execution, we believe this report complements one of the core principles of SMS, where aggregated data can provide meaningful information to many people.”

The report, which examines both SMS and emergency response planning topics, not only identifies the areas that challenge many flight operations but also provides recommendations regarding industry best practices.

To address the two main problems identified in this year’s report, “Prism advises operators to make sure their GOM is accurate, up-to-date and consistent with other manuals to prevent miscommunication and confusion. In addition, employees need to be active participants and have a good understanding of safety management concepts for an SMS to be effective.”