Nexrad Wx, Radar Altimeter Added To WingX iPad App

 - March 22, 2012, 3:54 PM

Hilton Software has released a major update to its WingX Pro iPad moving-map software. Some of the improvements to WingX Pro version 6.2 include adding local and national Nexrad weather radar to ADS-B capability (available using the separate SkyRadar ADS-B unit), the ability to switch moving-map GPS information and airspace notifications on and off, adding a favorites function to the moving-map search and an improved timer function on the moving map.

WingX also has some key new features such as a “passive radar altimeter [that] shows terrain elevation or approximate agl,” and moving-map simulator so that pilots can view or visualize a flight before takeoff, runway-specific glideslope information, the ability to view routes in Google Earth and auto-calibration of GPS.

A one-year subscription to WingX Pro is $99.99 and synthetic vision is an additional $99.99 (WingX is so far the only iPad app to offer synthetic vision). Geo-referenced approach plates are also available, via a subscription from Seattle Avionics, for $74.99 per year, and fuel pricing is another $29.99.