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Dassault Installs First Falcon 7X Shower

 - March 26, 2012, 3:00 AM

Dassault has designed and installed a shower in the aft section of a Falcon 7X, a challenging job despite the large cabin of the business jet.

Installation of the shower necessitated a new overall cabin design layout because engineers had to move a bulkhead forward to make room for the water tank, heater and redundant pumps. For certification, the manufacturer demonstrated that an overflow would not affect any critical equipment.

There were two potentially conflicting demands in installing the shower. It was built in several parts so it could fit through the aircraft’s door, but once assembled inside it had to be both watertight and aesthetically pleasing.

In the shower, the passenger can stand or sit and use a showerhead or the “rain sky” ceiling. He or she can enjoy the view outside from a window inside the shower or dim the transparency with an electrochemical device. Vision Systems, based near Lyon, France, supplied the dimmable window.

Dassault said the installation was to accommodate a specific customer requirement but it is not offering the shower as a standard option yet. Rival manufacturer Bombardier has offered a shower as an option for its Global 5000 and Global Express XRS aircraft for about three years. Gulfstream will offer the option on the G650 next year.