Avidyne Nears Autopilot Interface Certification with Aspen EFD1000

 - March 27, 2012, 3:13 PM

Avidyne is nearing certification of an interface between its DFC90 autopilot and Aspen’s EFD1000. Avidyne and Aspen Avionics are demonstrating Avidyne’s new digital autopilot interfaced with Aspen’s EFD1000 Pro primary flight display (PFD) at Sun ’n’ Fun in two flight-test aircraft: a Cessna 182 and a Cirrus SR22. The DFC90 is currently certified in the Cirrus and the Piper PA-46 equipped with Avidyne Entegra displays. Aspen holds an approved model list supplemental type certificate for the Evolution Pro PFD on a range of aircraft, which they are amending to add the new DFC90-compatible v2.6 software.