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Jeppesen Enhances Flight-Planning Tools

 - March 27, 2012, 4:00 AM

Flight planning and support group Jeppesen (Booth H607) is introducing enhancements for two of its products. Consolidated and customized flight-planning assistance is now available through its FlightSupport Services, along with new route-planning functionality for its Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck app for iPad.

With the enhancement to Jeppesen FliteSupport Services, company experts–available around the clock–act as an extension of the customer’s flight department, providing customized delivery of international flight-planning and operations assistance. Designed for business, commercial and military operators, the capability enables customers to fill gaps in staffing and expertise, as well as cutting internal workload, according to Jeppesen.

“Our goal is to help reduce the time and effort needed to implement essential elements such as trip planning, dispatch and fueling services for operators facing a challenging business landscape,” said Tom Huegel, director, aviation portfolio management for the Englewood, Colorado-based company. “With Jeppesen FliteSupport Services, operators will now receive our customized services in a unified manner, reducing points of contact and streamlining the overall process.”

The added features for the Mobile FliteDeck app enable pilots to enter user waypoints and manipulate route creation and display via a new “rubber-banding” feature that automatically designs an optimized flight path, helping avoid obstacles and providing alternative routing options.

“Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck transforms the flying experience through enhanced situational awareness, reduced pilot workload and improved operational efficiency,” said Huegel. “New features such as rubber-banding and waypoint-entry capabilities for routing will further enhance the experience of integrating dynamically rendered flight information on an iPad in the cockpit.”