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Satcom1 Simplifies Office-in-the-Sky Setup

 - March 28, 2012, 2:35 AM

When it comes time to equip a business jet with satellite communications equipment, the choices can be confusing. A company like service provider Satcom1, however, offers simple solutions that clarify the choices.

According to Michael Christensen, Satcom1 regional sales manager, Europe, most business jet owners want their cabin communications system to operate exactly like their office, with simple-to-use Internet access, WiFi and the ability to make voice and fax calls with no complicated setup procedures.

“We are a service provider, like China Mobile for private aviation,” Christensen explained. Satcom1 (Booth H512) helps customers in three key areas: first, by consulting prior to the installation process to make sure the customer gets the desired cabin communication system; second, by helping the customer buy and activate airtime services; and third, with Satcom1’s own router software, which works with any satellite communication hardware equipment to make the system work simply and seamlessly for the end-user.

Christensen recommends that business jet buyers hire Satcom1 when choosing interior furnishings. Satcom1 consultants will not only help make sure the customer chooses the best satellite communications system but also that it is installed correctly by the completion center, then set the system up for proper operation. “Our consultancy looks at all the possibilities,” he said, to come up with the best solution for the customer.

To further simplify the complexities of satellite communications, Satcom1’s router software, AvioIP, makes the system work just like the expected service provided in a terrestrial office. Customers can make-voice-over-IP telephone calls, send and receive faxes and even send files to an onboard printer, all without having to install software drivers in laptops used while airborne.